iN sEaRcH fOr a vEiL. . .

I have been unable to find the veil
that I tried on back in February
(that I just fell in love with -
it was PERFECT, exactly what I want),
and the store where I tried it on
told me they would put the veil in my file,
only apparently they did not and
when I described the veil they had no idea
what I was talking about...

SO the search began and I have not been able
to find much that is similar to "the one".

I have become more and more fascinated
by veil alternatives.
Here are some that I have recently seen on Etsy

(Etsy - Originals By Lynette)
(Etsy - LoBoheme)
(Etsy - Peppermint Cloud)

(Etsy - Untamed Petals)
(Etsy - LoBoheme)
(Etsy - Peppermint Cloud)

(Etsy - Which Goose)

(Etsy - Sweet Pea and Fawn)

(Etsy - Portobello)

(Etsy - Powder Blue Bijoux)
(Etsy - Feathers and Frills)
(Etsy - LoBoheme)
(Etsy - Which Goose)
(Etsy - Bridal Couture)

In my search for pretty hair pieces I did run across a few "short" veils that are close to "the one" I tried on back in February... or at least the length is close, because they still seem to be missing that retro/vintage flair "the one" had.(Etsy - Bella Bridal Veils)

(Etsy - Brendas Bridal Veils)
(Etsy - Brendas Bridal Veils)
(Etsy - Svitlana)
(Etsy - Ann Marie Bridal)

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